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Circeaulair. Your assurance of circular, sustainable water and wastewater management. Get it today.

Does your company consume a lot of water? And would you like to switch to a sustainable water source? Then Circeaulair is the perfect solution! Because treated wastewater is an excellent source for various industrial applications.

Circeaulair is alive and kicking

Circeaulair is moving forward at breakneck speed with Ypres and Harelbeke, the first cities to launch Circeaulair. Do you want to give your company a sustainable boost by sustainably reusing wastewater? Join us in Circeaulair.

Circular process water for industries

Thanks to state-of-the-art treatment techniques, wastewater can be upgraded to ready-to-use process water. Why is this interesting for your company or business park?

You save water, a big step towards sustainability.
You are always sure to have process water for your activity.
You save on your drinking water bill.
You reuse wastewater safely.
You reduce the risks of wastewater pollution.
You tackle the water balance locally and integrally.
You can implement Circeaulair today.

Towards sensible water consumption

Thanks to Circeaulair, your company or business park will contribute significantly to sensible water consumption. We all need to use this natural resource as sustainably as possible, especially in times of drought. There is an alternative; the techniques and the will exist!

Circeaulair in your area

Circeaulair is not in your area yet? Keep an eye on us. We are advancing at a rapid pace. Jump on the bandwagon with Circeaulair. Give your company or business park a sustainable boost by sustainably reusing wastewater.

Together in Circeaulair

Ekopak, Aquafin & EPICo² have joined forces in the Circeaulair project. Ekopak is the leading specialist in solutions for an uninterrupted process water supply by applying the most modern techniques for recycling and revaluing water and wastewater. Aquafin builds and manages the infrastructure for domestic wastewater treatment in Flanders. Infrastructure fund EPICo² is co-investing in the infrastructure of this project. Together, we ensure the provision of treated wastewater that can be distributed to your company or business park.

Join us in Circeaulair. It enables your company or business park to save millions of litres of water by treating and reusing wastewater.

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