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First we identify what infrastructure is present in your area and what infrastructure needs to be provided. Depending on the situation, this may take a few weeks or months. You can contact us for more details.

Yes, with Circeaulair your company can be completely self-sufficient. Of course, this depends on your specific requirements for water and the quality you want for your production processes. You can still choose to use and combine different water sources.

Ekopak always uses the most innovative techniques in the field of water reuse. As soon as new techniques are available, they are extensively tested and applied.

Ekopak and Aquafin offer the opportunity to switch completely to sustainable water. This allows you to save on your drinking water consumption or the use of fresh water sources that are increasingly under pressure.

Just like your drinking water supplier, the price for sustainable water is also region-specific. For a concrete financial estimate, please contact us.

Ekopak builds the water treatment facilities on the premises of Aquafin (a sewage treatment plant in your area). The purified water is then transported to your company through a new pipe network. There will be no facilities on your site, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space.

The resulting process water, made from treated wastewater from the sewage treatment plant, will respect the minimum drinking water standards or be even better.  However, if stricter water quality is required, we can always achieve this by further purifying the water at your business park. We are happy to discuss this.

Aquafin’s sewage treatment plants produce water that can be treated day and night, seven days a week. Our Ekopak water treatment facilities will be fed continuously, so there will be no problem with water availability at night or on weekends.

With Circeaulair, a separate pipe network is installed, so there is no impact on the water supply of private homes.

Aquafin and EPICo² are building the pipe network together. Ekopak is responsible for the construction of the facility.

Aquafin applies for the necessary permits for the pipelines that need to be laid. Ekopak’s facilities are built on the premises of Aquafin (local sewage treatment plants). So your company does not have to worry about permit applications.

Ekopak’s facilities are built on the premises of Aquafin (local sewage treatment plants). Therefore, the municipality only plays a limited role. To determine the route of the distribution network, we are in close dialogue with the local council and other relevant bodies.