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Why and how to recycle industrial wastewater?

As a company or business park, you have a great responsibility towards employees, stakeholders, local residents and all those who care about our planet.

How can you reduce a negative impact on the environment? We are facing increasingly frequent periods of extreme drought, and the consequences for our society are enormous.

Saving water is not enough

Your company or business park is probably already adopting a more conscious approach to water. But many of those efforts have so far focused almost exclusively on water-saving projects. That’s good, but it’s not enough. Why?

More than just saving water

A decentralised water source offers a more comprehensive solution than just ‘saving water’. Your company:

disconnects itself from the regular water network for process water
initiates circular use by revaluing and recycling wastewater
places less stress on fresh water resources
minimises its ecological footprint
copes with interruptions to its water supply effortlessly
becomes much less vulnerable to periods of water scarcity
has lower operating costs
and creates a better ‘fit for purpose’ between the recycled process water and the production processes

Companies still need a lot of water

A company may need water for many reasons other than standard sanitary use, which is already on a larger scale than that of a family. Factories and industrial plants usually use much more water in their processes or as an ingredient in their products.

Businesses need water all the time

A short interruption in the water supply via the water mains? Your company – and its sanitary facilities – will survive. However, if the interruption also impacts production processes, time can be lost. Production stops are to be avoided. But the interruption can also cause a serious safety risk to your employees and the consumers of your end product.

Towards a decentralised water source

It is smarter, safer and more ecological to stop using and wasting drinking water. How do you do that? By switching to alternative sources such as wastewater, rainwater and surface water. This is called a ‘decentralised water source’: your company is no longer entirely dependent on one water supplier.

Reusing wastewater

Is your company ready to make the switch? Effluent from a sewage treatment plant is still a valuable water source with better quality than some other sources. Circeaulair makes it possible to close the loop faster and upgrade this effluent to valuable process water. This is done in a way that is more ecologically beneficial, technically sound and financially viable.

How will we reuse wastewater?

Circeaulair is a project that Ekopak, Aquafin and PMV offer together to companies and business parks:

  • Ekopak has mastered the most modern techniques for water reuse and offers companies industrial water treatment solutions. These solutions emphasise sustainability and provide you with constant access to water of consistent quality.
  • Aquafin guarantees thorough purification of household wastewater and brings recycled process water to you.
  • The infrastructure fund EPICo² is co-investering in the infrastructure of this project.

With Circeaulair, your company or business park goes all out for independent water supply. You are much less dependent on the drinking water supplier and retain process water for your production activities under all circumstances.

How are we going to make it easy for you?

Carefree installation

Your company does not have to worry about building a reuse facility. Circeaulair provides the necessary infrastructure and brings the recycled process water to companies. Ekopak will build and operate the reuse facility at Aquafin’s sewage treatment plant in your region. From here, a new pipe network is laid to your company, ensuring the supply of recycled process water.

Pay by the drop

How can you as a company or business park estimate what you will pay for recycled process water?  This can be done via the ‘pay by the drop’ system. You pay an amount per cubic metre of water consumed.

All-in-one service

Circeaulair provides you with a comprehensive solution. The water treatment facility’s design, construction, operation and maintenance are in the hands of Aquafin and Ekopak. This guarantees you optimal certainty of the water quality and the continuity required for your production.